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August 20, 2017 = Advance Update!  Dan Folgerberg Music is what I like enjoy. I have been doing before ideas in Movies, Music, Radio, Television, Computers, and Corporations since year 1968. I get to graduate in year Jan, 2018. 50 years of service. My Birthday is December 13, 1963. King Bob Blockus of United States. I have been doing before ideas at Chickfila Palm Harbor store in Florida from 1997 to 2007. I am currently age 53. Age 55 Graduation King Bob. My net worth should be about $14 Billion. I should get one year taken off for being the best bob blockus. Early Graduation. The Vangaurd Group Valley Forge, PA should Manage fund. MJ Kelly Todd Schnitt should be CEO to Bob Blockus Dot Com. Entertainment & Computer Company.   It can be located in Anchorage, Alaska sky rise office building with a suite of hotel rooms for overnight stay's. I very much enjoy Tampa Ten News bbc five live radio news and sports together. Kapa Radio Hawaii Islands Music. History Channel. Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet. Fox News. I have a internet radio station Moon Base Galaxy. I play pop music and country music and hit music. Every so often I do live radio shows on the weekends 2PM to 5PM est. I very much enjoy the Yacht & Cruise Ship Industry. I had a Ohio Company Executive Yachts in the country Antigua 1980's. I lived and worked up in Alaska several times 1984, 1985, 2007, 2009. I drove solo round trip back in year 2009 from Homosassa, Florida to Healy, Alaska. The longest recorded road trip ever in North America. I currently own a Honda SUV 2010 and live in a cabin with free electric, gas heat, water. I think I should get an account with Marriott Hotel Resorts and use the resorts for lots of vacation trips. And Stick with Marriott brand. Along with Alaska Airlines account. 

Travel Manager should be at 

I very much like and enjoy Joey Lawrence from Disney Channel and Cheoy Lee Yachts from China. And Tom Cruise I very much enjoy and like. I also like and enjoy Wade Bryson of Kiny Radio Alaska. I am King Bob of United States. Relationship offer.  

1. Angela Watson 1975 2. Kirsten Storms 3. Vinessa Shaw 1976 4. Anna Chlumsky 1980. 5. Kate Bosworth 6. Devon 1977 Allentown, PA  7.  Hilary Duff 8.  Vanna White Queen.. Seven Princesses.

Mr Bob is In semi relationship with Kat Power from Ontario, Canada. Hollywood Couple image for United States, World. sheriff judge gandy white polk county and Tampa Ten News staff can clear my personal social Security number, Drivers Card from North Carolina and make me strong in finance and freedom as an american United States Citizen.

I would like to Upgrade my Honda SUV to a New Honda SUV CRV 2017 with all the added options with North Carolina auto tags with Drivers Card. And Active passport and passport card. Cabin Residents in Garner, North Carolina.  Also Like to get invited back to work and enjoy Walt Disney World and Downtown Disney Theme Parks, I was ban from WDW in year 2011. I apologies and learned my lesson for having a flair marine gun in trunk of Ford Taurus 2007. When Secret Service and several Police Officers and a police dog searched my Auto after six month's Employment from WDW. October time is the best for WDW Wilderness Lodge Campground area's for Halloween times.  Like to have Rich Brown brother in law in charge of my friends and friends on Like to have every two years big parties at resort hotels for my friends and be social life Facebook account.   

Always wanted. Le Grand Bleu yacht Antigua base for world trips. I would like to have Simpson Marine as yacht broker and manager for yacht, estate home.

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4229 Benson Road, Apt F. Garner, North Carolina 27529

Cellular:  919 703 8528 Voice Mail:  919 913 8054

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Deb Hanson Manager:  520 252 9371