News Notes:  Mr Bob hopes that Bill Gates of Microsoft and Richard Branson of Virgin Group have been fallowing through Mr Bob's before idea for Europe computer manufacturing Company Called. This can be part of Mr Bob's net worth.

Advance Update:  October 15, 2017

I am bob blockus. I have been doing before ideas in Movies, Music, Radio, Television, Computers, and Corporations since 1968. I have been working at Chickfila Palm Harbor, Florida from 1997 to 2007 talking out ideas with co workers at same time. most of the ideas came true. I get to graduate as King Bob age 55. 50 years of doing ideas and 50 years as King Bob. World. I am currently age 53. My net worth should be about $3 Billion. My IQ Level should be about 1,000.  I do a weekend radio show on Corolla Radio Dot Com. Saturday's and Sunday's 6 PM to 9 PM est. Like to migrate into Sirius Xm Channel 101 as Corolla Radio Dot Com. Partnership. With Howard Stern. 

I very much enjoy Tampa Bay Ten News Kapa Radio Hawaii Islands Music bbc radio five live news sports together from England. History Channel. Fox News. Sirius XM. 

I have established Company insights and twitter@beforeideas 

Before Ideas Enterprises. To be the main foundation of bob blockus dot com. Going to filter in the main prize ideas companies along with PC Silicon Valley. 

King Bob, World-Wide. Relationship offer two women. Open relationship. 
1. Katrina P of Canada.  Princess  

2. Gina N of Pennsylvania. Princess  

Wish home Birthday, Christmas King Bob. 

South lakes. South North Lakes. 

fulkway veriana, North Carolina. Wake County

Amazon Wish List: home.​ 
​Dion Lim, & Andrew Cremata & Lisa Blockus Brown can be in charge of the Bob's Wish.

Bob Blockus Email:  

4229 Benson Road, Apt F. Garner, North Carolina 27529

Cellular:  919 703 8528 Voice Mail:  919 913 8054

Bob's Pay Pal account: 

Deb Hanson Manager:  520 252 9371